Dramatis Personae


CHORUS of NEREIDS/WOMEN OF PHTHIA (Melanie Garzon, Rajula Joshi, Alexandra R. Grasso): sympathetic to Andromache, they try to help her, although being Greek they also feel somewhat distant from her; they are devoted to the local sea-goddess, Thetis, mother of Achilles and wife of King Peleus – although they speak as Greek citizen women of Phthia, they also sometimes show themselves as sea-nymphs or Nereids that accompany Thetis…

ADIV03-diva-in-blueTHETIS (Tiffani Star Waters), the sea goddess, mother of Achilles and one-time wife of Peleus; she is onstage the entire length of the play, taking care of the humans… or not, as the case may be…

ANDROMACHE (Julia Rose Montalvo), is the former wife of Hector the great Trojan warrior; now the slave of the son of Achilles, Neoptolemus, by whom she’s had a child, the apple of her eye and her only hope for establishing a replacement for her lost Trojan dynasty. Exotic, “eastern,” but she wants what every Greek can understand.

ARETE (Melanie Garzon), Andromache’s servant, has been with Andromache at least since before the fall of Troy; a close friend and confidante, although a servant; has definite opinions, and is not afraid to speak out

Sitting-Desk-Warrior_leftMENELAUS (Daniel Salazar), is the Spartan king, husband of Helen, father and strong supporter of Hermione; will do anything to protect his household–even kill…

HERMIONE (Gina McCrostie) intelligent, impetuous, passionate, Sparta-educated daughter of Menelaus and Helen; a Spartan princess in her own right, Hermione is also now the legitimate wife of Achillesʻ son, Neoptolemus. She will risk everything for love–absolutely everything…; sings

sweerts_maidservantALETHEIA (Alexandra R. Grasso), Hermione’s nurse, gives Hermione good advice (which often goes unheeded), and tries to protect her from herself; sings up a stormold-super-heroes-1024x512

POULI (Carl Scheckel; understudied by Michael Cruz), the child of Andromache, threatened with death by Hermione and Menelaus – frightened, but brave like his father and grandfather before him

DYNAMENE (Mia Takebayashi), priestess and caretaker of the shrine of Thetis. Will do anything to keep the shrine worthy of the sea goddess

HYAKINTHOS (Michael Cruz), priest and caretaker of the shrine of Thetis. Will do anything to keep the shrine worthy of the sea goddess

PELEUS (Jan Verstraete / Christopher Parker), aged hero (father of Achilles, and so grandfather-in-law of Andromache); already bitter over the death of his only son, Achilles, and more pain is in store for him…

bad-boy-images-hdORESTES (Vin Verducci) son of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra, nephew of Menelaus, “the matricide,” and old flame of his cousin Hermione; dangerous “bad boy” who feels rebuked by other aristocratic Greek families. No scruples.

THESEUS (a soldier of Neoptolemus) (Liam Lawless), soldier youth from Thrace, a devoted friend and companion of Neoptolemus, worried about divine retribution, he brings back his body and describes his heroic death, the only truly heroic death we hear about – tour-de-force role

ATTENDANTS (Jorie Hofstra; Christopher Parker; Jan Verstraete; Damien Piñero) – Each major character has one or two attendants (at least) who will follow them, do what they order done, and add lustre to our production! These attendants do not generally have any lines to say, although you may get a chance to yell, or laugh, or otherwise comment vocally and physically on the action. Lots of fun, some acting, great costume, no pressure!